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Miss Champagne Horowitz Jones Dickerson White is back for a third installment of some shit kicking camp at the Oasis Club and stage. Oasis co-owner D'Arcy Drollinger has an official franchise on his hands, that is a sell out hit, for a pulsating action stripper heroine. DISASTROUS is now on stage at the Oasis Nightclub and Cabaret through Sept 17th. This is the third round for Champagne and her crew of mad camp characters spoofing classic 70’s action film including some sit com references that subtext “Meg” from Married with Children among others. DISASTROUS is a gem of crazy and funny, a farce that brings the classic “cock and orgasms” pop to two hours, including some well produced video clips created by the accomplished Richard Neveu.

Shit & Champagne and The Temple of Poon were both sold out runs and now the fan base is solid for “Powdered Orgasm” ads and douche salads to take them to episode three. The cast is clearly having fun on stage and the sold out crowds are wild for Champagne’s classic “None of your fucking business” that is her headline and Champagne makes it her banner and her fans love it as they say it along with her. The amazing diva, Matthew Martin, is again playing the villainess twin sister from Shit & Champagne Trixie Touché and Adam Roy with his screwball charm is playing a number of other roles including Detective Jack Hammer. The story is as crazy and full of dead ends that are all hilariously entertaining, including the earthquake, the plane crash and the keen explosions. The sound designer has a lead role in this madness as the sound effects take on their own character and play into each scene with a pop, kick and boom.

Champagne continues to fight the vixen killer, Touché, who is set to take over anything she can get her hands on. The DISASTROUS production team includes two puppeteers, Todd Young and Joe Casserly, who create a crocodile attack, killer bees swarming, flying plane parts, explosions, and fly many of the zany characters across the Oasis stage. The classic B movie dialogue uses some Irwin Allen, James Bond, Russ Meyers, John Waters and Simpsons mix powerhouse writing by Drollinger. The set design by Sarah Phykitt is simple, mainly created with props but highlighted by the clever sound design. Lighting designer, Leonardo Hidalgo, pops all the action and the classic Oasis runway and foot lighting is always a highlight including the special effects for the fight scenes. Costume design by Ashley Garlick is always bright and big, flashy and glam filled and at times blood spattered. The wigs a perfect subtext to Farrah Fawcett and Liz. The heels high and the hairspray is smoking. The one line zingers fly as fast as D’arcy can write them in her very bold, screwball and funny script.

The remarkable Matthew Martin is wonderful in his role as red dressed Toche, she is elegant as she beats down men and claws her way to the top. Champagne and Trixe are a match on stage as they battle through words and hair pulling. The crowd loves the bitch romps on stage. The neurotic Adam Roy plays Jack Hammer among other camp roles and he has a foolproof comic talent. Steve LeMay is over the top as the foul mouth but enduring Sharon who is in constant battles trying to make sure the players call her by the correct name. James Arthur is giddy as Champagne's BFF girlfriend and is at his best when he is frazzled and protecting Champagne. The droll Nancy French once again appears as our host and placard queen who keeps the crowd posted as to what scene we are about to see. Her “I don’t give a shit” feel is one of the best of the company.

DISASTROUS is right on the money fun humor with that bitch novela edge that Oasis audiences can’t get enough of. D’Arcy brings the 11th Street venue silly camp fun and it works. Her skill at writing one line gems and creating a likable franchise. I am certain it will keep the Oasis sold out for his fourth and fifth episodes in the future. The two hours ends with a flash cast dance and brings the crowd to their feet. There is no need to have seen the first two adventures, the story line is so perfectly silly, it doesn’t matter. It is my guess that the future productions will only get better and D'Arcy Drollinger is the true master of South of Market’s new thriving theatre scene.


D'Arcy Drollinger’s


Written and Directed by

D’Arcy Drollinger

Starring D’Arcy Drollinger, Matthew Martin, Steven LeMay, James Arthur M., Adam Roy and Nancy French.

Through Sept 17th - 7pm

Thurs. Fri. & Sat. - Doors at 6:00 / Show at 7:00 pm

Oasis Nightclub and Cabaret,- 298 11th St. (at Folsom St.) San Francisco

$25-$35. $200 VIP tables.

San Francisco 415 795 3180.


Photo's by Mr Pam, GARETH GOOCH, and Vmedia

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