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These actors make their stage debut as Amanda Wingfield and Tom Wingfield is a revival of Tennessee Williams' 1944 memory play, directed by Jeffrey Lo.

Writen by Vincent Flores

Three people warm the stage and the small four membor cast seems to warm the stage. Tom promises early on, to "give you the truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion." There's plenty of harsh reality in Tennesse Williams brilliant play THE GLASS MENAGERIE, playing now through June 23rd at the San Francisco Playhouse. There's an abundance of charm, despair and excellent acting to one of my personal favorite plays. Director Jeffrey Lo incorporated plenty of life experiences into his breakthrough production, which makes it all the more compelling. Families are complicated entities, and the Wingfields are certainly no exception. Father took off for Mexico, leaving wife Amanda to raise Tom and Laura all by her lonesome. No easy task, especially in St. Louis around the depression. Harder still, when we come to realize that Tom and Laura are massive underachievers, but still tend to show off their skiils through out the two hour production.

The tight three person cast that opens the first act is clean and moves well. Everyone including Mom has issues, and no shortage of resentment, with the possible exception of Laura, who's apparently too shy to leave the house, yet alone catches the eye of a potential suitor. Desperation sets in, and Amanda & Tom arrange a "blind date" of sorts with Tom's co-worker Jim post-intermission. It ain't easy but sparks eventuallye start to fly in a sweet and charming scene. The cast is covered by some excellent Bay actors at the get go the intense Jomar Tagatac, the lullaby Susi Damillano, the loving sister Nicole Javier and the amazing William Thomas Hodgosson. 

The four member spirted cast is warm and well rounded. When Amanda mixes on the Southern charm and hospitality towards Jim it works well. Even Laura notices a change in the air, "You make it seem like we're setting a trap," to which Amanda declares, "We are!". She's sassy and fun, and her character seems to deserve a lot better. She's cute, fumbling through her encounter with the decidedly more worldly Jim. Whether it's breaking off a "piece" of gum, or experiencing her first dance/kiss, Laura becomes more likable and perfect by the minute.   

The set is complicated, a chair, sofa, dining table, old phonograph and Christopher Fititzer's glass collectibles are spread throughout the house. Hodgson and Javier there isn't much need for splashy extras. Costume Designer Sarah Niamh Nietfeld, and Properties Designer Wallace Yan worked together to show off the emotions. Lightning Designer Wen Ling Liao and Sound Designer James Ard bring a nice dark look to the entire set. THE GLASS MENAGERIE is a compelling, straight forward story with an air of misfortune. Amanda and Jim show a need for the past, while Tom and Laura hope for any kind of future. They will find solace or happiness. It won't be easy; but it's entertaining to the ending. Next up at the SFPH is THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG - It opens Sept 21. But in the meantime check out THE GLASS MENAGERIE it closes June 23rd.

The San Francisco Playhouse Presents 


By Tennessee Williams

Directed by Jeffrey Lo

With Amanda Wingfield, Jomar Tagatas, Niclo Javier

And William Thomas Hodgson

Closes – June 23rd 2024


San Francisco Playhouse, 450 Post Street

Run time: 2 hours plus one 15 minute intermission



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