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The SF Oasis is celebrating its official reopening to live performances with the World Premiere of The Hand That Rocks the Crawford. A new comedy written by the prolific Michael Phillis and directed by the enthusiastic D'Arcy Drolinger. This is my first time returning to Folsom and 11th street and the Oasis vibe is more than ready to bring back live performances. Drolinger opens the evening welcoming back fans, “It's been so many months and now it's amazing to see live faces back in the Oasis.” She shouts out to her talented team and the writer actor Phillis.

The remarkable TBA honored Matthew Martin is Joan Crawford and the many faces of the icon. Martin and Phillis have teamed in the past to write and direct TROG, an Oasis hit and TBA award winner. This talented team includes cast members Steven LeMay, Sara Toby Moore and Katya Smirnoff Skyy.

Joan enters as dramatically as she can under a cloud of fog and a deep red evil glow. She tells the audience she plans to play every role she was denied in Hollywood; Fatal Attraction, and Basic Instinct, all performed by the Mommie Dearest herself. Plenty mention of her real list of films including Baby Jane, Mildred Pierce, Berserk, Trog and her endorsement deal with Pepsi.

Phillis’ script spoofs so many campy movie thrillers, and introduces some new characters including Brunette Wife played by the flawless Katya Smirnoff Skyy. Michael Douglas, famous for his detective role in Basic Instinct, is played by the playwright Michael Phillis. He wrote himself some hilarious bits with Martin including a saucy, naughty, sex scene, and the famous leg spread from the movie.

San Francisco's favorite clown, Sara Toby Moore, plays a few characters - her best being the assistant detective who tries to warn the others that Joan is a true killer. It is always a treat to see Moores’ many faces and perfect comic timing. Funny and full of the classic long glares and shtick.

Oasis advises us to bring our own wire hangers and Phillis' solo song for Martin music by Joshua Raoul Brody featuring her iconic boast “no wire hangers” is perfect. Other new music by Brody features a dance with the cast and many bloody romps, and of course, the classic Oasis bitch slap.

The dynamite Steven LaMay plays Daughter and brings his keen comic skills to all his characters. He boasts the OMG to perfect pitch with this teenage squawky girl who is in the shadow of Joan’s daughter, Christina.

The impeccable Katya Smirnoff Skyy and her shadow J Conrad Frank steal many scenes. Including Brunette Wife’s breakdown that reminded me of the classic Lucille Ball grape stomp. Skyy is a San Francisco treasure and her solo performances and Covid living room concerts have saved our community. Skyy has also played Crawford but is best as the wife victim and she is so welcome on the Oasis stage.

The true diva of this two act comedy is the divine Matthew Martin who brings every classic 90’s thriller to the Oasis. Martin does not skip one shoulder-padded moment of fury as he brings “the Hanger” on stage. Crawford playing Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Rebecca De Mornay and others as if she owned all their performances is classic camp.The skillful Laundra Tyme is on top with all the wigs for the cast and Joan's many moods.

The craft team included Sophia Craven’s brilliant lighting -that included fog mist for Joan's first classic entrance. The important follow spot brings each actor upfront and adds to the many sides of each of their performances. The costumes by the creative Snaxx are always perfect, Katya Smirnoff Skyy’s housewife dresses and wonderful aprons are a delight on the Brunette. Daughter keeps the teen slut classic cute and Steven LeMay is always on fire as the Gen x girl. Michael Douglas is dressed as SF’s best, and with his shiny badge from Evan Favela’s prop collection. Joan's pieces are created by the silizzling Glenn Krumbholz highlighted by Joan’s white skirts and furs and, of course, the heels. The set is designed by Sarah Phykitt includes eye catching curtain drops but the props frame the two hour romp. From wire hangers, to kitchen spoons and dial phones.

The sound effects are the main actor in all Oasis productions, the perfect slaps, slugs, slippery blunders and crashing glass. Created by the brilliant Rory Davis - the sound mix lifts this show to the highest form of camp. The clever opening film and some scenes shot on video produced by Richard Neveu. The video clips are always well directed by D'Arcy are hilarious and well edited and perfect sound.

In a recent interview with the BAY AREA REPORTER Matthew Martin admires Crawford "I get to play an unhinged psycho bitch which is like an actor's field day." Martin goes on to say "Regardless of some of the material that she played or had to play, she always gave a great performance to the best of her ability. And so when you talk about movie stars, Joan Crawford is definitely in the pantheon." Matthew brings that respect and admiration to the Oasis stage. The Hand That Rocks the Crawford, continues Thu-Sat 7pm. Bring your own wire hangers. Get tickets at FINAL SHOWS CANCELED - DUE TO ILLNESS IN THE CAST


The World Premier of


Produced by D’Arcy Drollinger

Directed by Michael Phillis and D'Arcy Drollinger

Written by Michael Phillis


Michael Phillis, Steven LeMay, Sara Toby Moore and Katya Smirnoff Skyy.

and Matthew Martin as Joan Crawford.

SF Oasis

11th and Folsom

2 hours with one intermission


7PM Thursdays - Saturdays

Get tickets at

Matthew Martin interview courtesy of The BAR and David-Elijah Nahmod

Photo’s and clips by VmediArts


Written by Michael Phillis

Directed by Michael Phillis and D'Arcy Drollinger

Costumes were Snaxx (with Joan's pieces by Glenn Krumbholz)

Sound Design was Rory Davis

Stage Manager Aaron Mills

Music Joshua Raoul Brody

Props Evan Favela

Set Sarah Phykitt

Joan's Wigs Laundra Tyme

Lighting Sophia Craven (Sophia is the production manager as well)

Video Clips Richard Neveu


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