It's not officially Christmas in San Francisco until D’Arcy and Heklina bring their marvelous GIRLS to the 2020 celebration. THE GOLDEN GIRLS CHRISTMAS EPISODES are back and as Golden as ever. The Oasis crew has transformed the 11th street club into a full size soundstage with the classic Florida living room and kitchen set. A multi camera live crew brings the girls live into your home. The sitcom is officially back as the original NBC producers staged the show back in 1985. The Oasis team is now in full multicam mode making history at their south of market studio. Only three more live streams to catch - tonight December 18th and Saturday and Sunday Dec 19 and 20. A click away; look for the links below.

It is a Holiday tradition – like the Nutcracker – and Scrooge. Four talented drag performers, cast in two classic Christmas episodes of the iconic 1985, 35 year old TV show: THE GOLDEN GIRLS, it is a perfect good time, D’Arcy opens the 90 minute live feed with a tour of the sound stage and a peek into the dressing rooms. The four drag “A” listers playing the “Girls” include; Heklina (Dorothy), Matthew Martin (Blanche), Holotta Tymes (Sophia), and D’Arcy Drollinger (Rose). Manuel Caneri, and SNAXX as Officer Snaxx are also featured.

D’Arcy Drollinger who stops the show with her perfected airhead interpretation of the dim-witted "Rose". Drollinger AD and new owner of the Oasis club directed both episodes, bringing back producer partner Heklina to reprise her role. Drollinger says “Picture this: San Francisco, 2020. A pandemic hits and we can’t host our beloved tradition of The Golden Girls Live at the Victoria Theater. So we recreated the set at Oasis, built a tech setup for a multi-cam livestream.” This live stream is a huge success and this team has hit their mark to bring some joy to a dreary year. Production Manager Sophia Craven brought the challenge of creating the 11th studio and keeping the team under Covid compliance.

These two studio episodes raise the bar as the company only gets better with excellent props and a set by Sarah Phykitt. The perfect Florida condo as seen in the NBC series also created by Charlotte Wheeler, Anthony Aranda, Erin Gibb, and Icarus Ferreira. I have seen this set improve over the years from hand painted flats to now a complete working life size living room with palm trees and the iconic holiday tree. Including a working kitchen for Sophia to cook in, and a wonderful Florida bistro look.

Glenn Krumbholz and Kip Yanaga’s brilliant costumes are not all that camp, but more glee and the amazing holiday sweaters that will make you laugh, and you will want one. Terra Bull is the dresser and SNAXX also coordinated the wonderful wigs by Becky Motorloge. with Sophia Craven’s brilliant light design includes some sizzling holiday lights. The tech crew also includes Erin Gibb, Laraine Gurke and Liz Kreter-Kilyan. Sound designer Lori Fowler and Liz Kreter-Killian has each actor professionally mic’d, with Video Engineer Brendan West keen timing. The three live cameras dodge each other well; Richard Neveu, Josh Kirkbride, Aaron Mills are like a ballet hitting their mark. The Live Stream Tech Director Sean-Franc Strang and Zoom Bear Jimmy Moore gave this sitcom its high tech look. Stage Manager Lori Fowler kept the busy cast moving well and the Music by Steve Bollinger is the heart of this team.

As always many costume changes for two 40 minute episodes, yet it somehow runs two hours with an extra live street scene outside the Oasis. The exterior was well crafted and on opening night it was perfect. Each scene break change brings the “Girls” out in different gowns and holiday glamor handled by dresser Glenn Krumbholz. The Christmas Episodes 2020 is perfect, funny and full of the classic long glares and shtick that is a icon for Golden Girls. The commercial breaks included on Piano “Kitten on the Keys” who performed iconic Christmas carols that true Golden Girl fans sing from home.

Heklina plays Dorothy, and she skillfully carries the Bea Arthur dominance and timing and is hilarious in the role. Matthew Martin in the role of Blanche captures Rue McClanahan’s saucy promiscuity and his comic timing is the best. Holotta Tymes as the feisty senior Sophia has the child-like attitude that Estelle Getty brought to the part. The amazing D’Arcy Drollinger is the perfect dimwitted Rose and brings Betty White to life, what a charm. White is the only remaining member of the original cast, and maybe one year will see this wonderful company.

“The Golden Girls: Christmas Episodes” is the perfect way to enjoy the season. You can still sing the original Golden Girl theme that most everyone in San Francisco knows from your home as you drink some Irish coffees, This is part of the holiday annual tradition in San Francisco. The Girls “Thank you for being a friend!” If you miss the final live stream, you can still rent the stream anytime after December 20th.



Produced by

Heklina and D'Arcy Drollinger

and Directed by

D’Arcy Drollinger


Heklina, Matthew Martin, Holotta Tymes,

D’Arcy Drollinger

with Manuel Caneri, and SNAXX

Tix $30 available at:

And http://goldengirlschristmas

Facebook page

Livestream + On Demand

Stream on-demand video available after the show. You can watch it live, or view the video for a certain amount of time after the show takes place.

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