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The accomplished and talented young bay area professional actor Tyler Patrick Hennessy is back home for four weeks while his company of the national tour of FINDING NEVERLAND flies into the SHN Orpheum stage this week.

After thrilling audiences on Broadway, the National tour of the magical Finding Neverland has landed in San Francisco at the SHN Orpheum stage. Based on the Oscar-winning movie starring Johnny Depp, Finding Neverland tells the story of author J.M.Barrie and the family who inspired his greatest work - Peter Pan! Interweaving Barrie's real life story with flights of fancy that take you deep into the world of Captain Hook and The Lost Boys, this musical is an inspiring ode to the creative spirit and speaks to the kid in all of us.

This talented national tour cast brings home a local bay area youth actor, nine year old Tyler Patrick Hennessy. The Concord local fourth-grader is a student at Woodside Elementary, and his peers and classmates are all thrilled for his success. Tyler was last seen on a bay stage in RAGTIME for Stage1 in Fremont last summer at Ohlone College, Stage1’s production was a TBA winner and Tyler was a stand out in the cast as the young boy.

October 2016 Hennessy was cast in the first national tour of FINDING NEVERLAND, and has been on tour since 10/7 as the show launched a 20 city tour. Young Tyler was cast as Michael and Jack This was exciting news for his two parents who rotate being on the road with their talented son. His dad Sean Hennessy explained how it all happened over night. *“We did a video audition on Sept. 28, and received a call the next day asking Tyler to come to New York for a live audition on Oct. 3,” says Tyler’s dad Sean “We were warned that if they wanted him, he would immediately join the tour in Buffalo.” - Tyler never returned home, after that audition he flew the next day to Buffalo with three weeks of rehearsals until Tyler opened Oct. 28. So this month is Tyler's first time home while he performs in the impressive new musical.

I asked young Hennessy what is it like being home after missing the Holidays and being on the road. “I am really excited to be home and sleeping in my own bed for four weeks! I know a lot of people will be coming to see the show and I can't believe I get to perform on the Orpheum's stage” said Tyler.

He said the best part of being on tour is making a new family “The cast is the best part for me. Everyone has been so nice and having five other boys in the show is like having brothers, I have three sisters! I love the story and the different reactions I get in the different cities”, - Tyler understands how fun yet difficult it is to be on a long tour and his advice for other young actors is to work hard “It has been a blast so far but it's really hard being away from my family. Going to school on the road is tough too. Drew (our teacher) is great but he has six boys all at different grades so it hard to juggle sometimes. It's a business with school, rehearsals and performances!

Hennessy is thrilled to be making his national tour debut in FINDING NEVERLAND. He has been in a number of regional productions including Ragtime (Little Boy), Gypsy (Clarinet Boy), A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim), The King and I (Royal Child) and Shellie Award winner The Who’s Tommy (youngest Tommy). Tyler has some favorite shows “I loved Ragtime with Stage One and Tommy with OMG....those were my favorites to perform in”

Tyler with his Concord family

So what are Tyler’s plans when the tour ends this late spring, will he stay in NY or charm a Bay Area stage with his talent - “The first 6 month contract ends in April and we will continue if asked back. I want to continue to act so who knows what the future is. I love being in Finding Neverland so I am enjoying the adventure.” said Hennessy.

Tyler and his cast flew into San Francisco for the sold out opening night on Wed Jan 18th. This is a thrilling production and a fun flight of fancy and imagination. And of course it is great too see Tyler march on stage with this amazing stage family in FINDING NEVERLAND. One of his stunning solo’s is sung with the other three boys “We’re All Made Of Stars” is a show stopper. Hennessy is on stage Thursday night 1/19 and you can check the web site to see what nights he is performing. “Tyler would like to thank his Mom and Dad and his three older sisters for all of their love and support plus the numerous other people who have helped him with his successful career'.

You can see FINDING NEVERLAND through February 12th tickets at at their Orpheum stage. They offer a great rush seats for only 40.00 for all performances. Line up at noon for 2pm shows and rush begins at 6pm for 8pm performances.

“Finding Neverland” runs Jan. 18–Feb. 12, at SHN Orpheum Theatre, 1192 Market St., in San Francisco. For tickets, call 888-746-1799 or go to

**Interview clip with Sean Hennessy by SALLY HOGARTY for the EAST BAY TIMES

PUBLISHED: January 17, 2017 at 2:23 pm | UPDATED: January 18, 2017 at 3:47 am

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