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Ten years with the GIRLS, they are now a San Francisco Holiday Tradition.

THE 2015 GOLDEN GIRLS CHRISTMAS EPISODES dedicated to former co producer and performer

Cookie Dough/Eddie Bell.

It is not officially Christmas in San Francisco, until Heklina and her marvelous crew, bring the GIRLS to the party. THE GOLDEN GIRLS CHRISTMAS EPISODES now in it’s 10th year are back and as Golden as ever. It is a Holiday tradition – like the Nutcracker – and Scrooge. Four talented drag performers, cast in two classic Christmas episodes of the iconic 1985, 30 year old TV show: THE GOLDEN GIRLS, it is a perfect good time and the sold out crowds bring a party atmosphere to the Grande Victoria Theatre. The four drag “A” listers playing the “Girls” include; Heklina (Dorothy), Matthew Martin (Blanche), and new for 2015 - playing Sophia and Rose are Holotta Tymes (Sophia), and D’Arcy Drollinger (Rose). Manuel Caneri, Nancy French and Tom Shaw are also featured in the 2015 cast.

Heklina producer and creator of Trannyshack honors Cookie Dough past co-producer and member of the company "The entire cast and crew of Golden Girls SF would like to dedicate the 2015 run to Cookie Dough, who sadly passed away in January of 2015. Cookie Dough embodied the role of Sophia Petrillo since the beginning of the San Francisco productions, dating back to 2006. She also was invaluable as the co-producer of the shows, which began in the front parlor of a Victorian mansion in the Western Addition, and grew year after year at Mama Calizo's Voice Factory, Counterpulse, and, finally, these past 4 years at the Victoria Theater. More than just a co-star and producer, Cookie Dough was a great friend. Rightly hailed as "the sweetest queen in San Francisco" we will miss her forever. - We are thrilled to welcome our dear friend, drag performer Holatta Tymes to the cast in the role of Sophia Petrillo.”

Heklina also welcomes a second new cast member: “After 9 years of originating the role of Rose in The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes, we are sorry to have Pollo del Mar leave the cast/family of The Golden Girls. Her joy and contributions to her portrayal of Rose will always be remembered with hilarity and grace. For 2015 we welcome drag star D’Arcy Drollinger who has big shoes to fill as the new dim-witted "Rose", but we know you will love her.”

As in the past nine years the two episodes are performed as they were written. But with the timing a bit expanded with perfect deadpan deliveries and slothenly movement scene to scene, keep the whole episode moving along. With their dry sense of humor and the constant giggles from the sold out audiences, each episode runs about 45 minutes. Holotta Tymes and D’Arcy Drollinger raise the bar as the two new members of the company. The set by Hector Zavala, is perfect florida condo as seen in the NBC series. I have seen this set improve over the years from hand painted flats to now a complete working living room with palm trees and the iconic holiday tree. A working kitchen for Sophia to cook in, and wonderful Florida bistro look.

Tria Connell’s brilliant costumes are not all that camp, but more glee and the amazing holiday sweaters will make you laugh, and you will want one. There are many costume changes, for two 22 minute episodes, yet it somehow runs two hours. Partly because the cheering rowdy, audiences know how to get what they want, encouraging the queens to skip a beat or add a line. That happens, if an audience member does want to add to the show, the company responds and it's hilarious. Each scene change brings the “Girls” out in different gowns and holiday glamor. The Christmas Episodes 2015 is directed by Matthew Martin, and it is clever, funny and full of very long perfect glares and shtick that brings down the house. The lighting by Joey Postil is excellent, the commercial breaks in the early years included the original ads from 80’s TV, and now Singer/Pianist/Actor/Composer Tom Shaw, keeps the crowd cheering with sing along Christmas carols.

Producer Heklina plays Dorothy, and she skillfully carries the Bea Arthur dominance and timing and is hilarious in the role. Matthew Martin in the role of Blanche captures Rue McClanahan saucy promiscuity and his comic timing is the best. Holotta Tymes is the feisty senior Sophia and has the child like attitude that Estelle Getty brought to the part, well directed by Martin. Local favorite, the amazing D’Arcy Drollinger ( who just completed a sold out run as Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror for Ray of Light) is the perfect dim witted Rose and brings Betty White to life, what a charm. White is the only remaining of the original cast, and maybe one year will see this wonderful company.

“The Golden Girls: Christmas Episodes” is the perfect way to enjoy the season. The final weekend is sold out but you can sign up for single seats on a waiting list the night of each remaining performance. You can also sing the original Golden Girl theme that most everyone in San Francisco knows. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to get a ticket on a waiting list; or wait for 2016. This is part of the holiday annual tradition in San Francisco. Thank you Girls for being a friend these past nine seasons!



2015 Shows Dedicated to Cookie Dough

Produced by Heklina and D’Arcy Drollinger

Directed by Matthew Martin


The Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th St


Heklina, Matthew Martin, Holotta Tymes, D’Arcy Drollinger

with Manuel Caneri, Nancy French and Tom Shaw

Photo's by MR. PAM

Vmedia and Santiago Mejia

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