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Tis the season for Thrillpeddlers bucket of blood “Annual Extravaganza of Terror & Titillation.” Shocktoberfest 16! - This year's evening is a great window for the Halloween season that is now here in the SF Bay Area. This hysterical very camp blood bath is a night of short plays and stories that will scare the giggles out of anyone. The first story is your basic entrance to the Hypnodrome stage, housed under a downtown freeway, the walk or drive to the black box is the first act. You enter the venue and a kind ghoul shows you to your seat, it is an adventure in itself, and fun. Then be warned this show begins and the bodies begin to drop! Artistic Director Russell Blackwood explains this 16 year tradition “Shocktoberfest has always looked to meld classic Grand Guignol one-act plays with revivals of other bloodcurdling and erotic entertainments as well as premiers of new works devised by Thrillpeddlers resident playwrights. As with the traditional Grand Guignol bill of dramas and comedies, one-acts and short sketches, the combination of fare on the Shocktoberfest bill gives the audience a “Scottish Shower” dousing them with a variety of “cold” terror plays and “hot” comedies.”

“Cracking the Vein” is the first story by Andy Wenger and Damien Chacona, and reminds one of a B movie version of INDIANA JONES or Humphrey Bogart searching for treasure in a John Ford picture. Three prospectors find a box of gold and the fight for life begins, featuring John Flaw, Andy Wenger, and Damien Chacona, who meet their match with the brothel dames. Madam Permilla (Bruna Palmiero) and her two girls Ellie (Dee Nathanial) and Devka (Katrina Kroetch). Guns pop and the devil in the gold brings out the blood and fun in this first story. Directed by Russell Blackwood who brings some hot prospector bottom action with the Madam that sets the tone for the evening, before the heads roll.

The scene changes and Scumbly Koldwyn’s macabre amusing song DOWN AT THE DONNER PARTY DINNER, under the direction of Blackwood and his melody makers John Flaw, J Iness, Katrina Kroetch, Carol Ann Walker, Birdie-Bob Watt, Dee Nathaniel perform “Come on down to the Donner Party Diner “Cookin’ since before the Forty Niners.” Good eats and great props, Koldewyn could not resist creating a new song about a roadside diner offering up some fine human eats.

“The Model House” by Rob Keefe, is the next story revealed, a housing gem built over a former dump poisoned with cancerogenic and radioactive waste. Local camp favorite David Bicha plays Roy, a former Semper Fi Sergeant, it is 1948 and he and his crew have just returned home. His marine buddies meet the family full of toxic fun - his wife Bess played by the wonderful Noah Haydon, and daughter camp perfect played by Birdie-Bob Watt. This atomic waste “the hills have eyes” take off is the perfect place for his new housing tract. An injured blind WWI vet appears to blow the cover of the toxic waste and Roy ends the first act with some fine gore.

Director Blackwood opens the second act with part II of “The Model House” - 10 years later. Roys son Rusty played by the enduring Owen Asdell and caught in the bomb shelter with his boy pal Vince (Earl A Pas). Both Asdell and Pas are cute in their awkward teen sex, as crazy dad searches for them. Rusty's twin sister played by one of “A” listers at Thrillpeddlers, Birdie-Bob Watt is the key to bringing down the tyrant of the house of Rathman. Heidi takes this dark gore sketch to its balls end. Blackwood always lets his actors improv at times, it that totally works when testicals are cut loose and a dog is in the house.

The theme of the evening is based on the headline of the night "Shocktoberfest 16: CURSE OF THE COBRA" and Mr Blackwood saves the best for the fest. A New Musical Fantasy Adventure by Scrumbly Koldewyn and directed by Noah Haydon. It features most of the Thrillpeddlers company. Koldewyn performs the mad horror musical that twists and squirms through the Hypnodrome as the Cobra (David Bicha) attacks each cast member. The highlight of the Cobra cast (besides the costumes and wiggs) is Earl Alfred Paus as a puppy (balls and all) that becomes the hero of this nightmare. Puppy love and a South Sea club are the bloody mix in this short camp musical. The evening ends with LIGHTS-OUT SPOOKSHOW FINALE - created by Nicholas Torre - performed in the dark - even the exit signs are knocked out for this five minute ballet of spooks - sounds and lighting magic that could leave your seat wet.

The production team for this year's Shocktoberfest is always the best creative minds at Thrillpeddlers. All fantastic costumes by Glenn Krumbholz, Dwight Overton Tina Sogliuzzo, and Birdie-Bob Watt. Amazin heads arms spears, testicals and props by the creative Yusuke Soi, creative choreography by Noah Haydon and scenic Designer Blackwood, mixed with the video projections of Mista Wa and lighting by Nicholas Torre.

Running time about two hours with an intermission, and the audience (who has the best time) is always encouraged to condone Cannibalism. The show runs til Nov 21 -

I wanted to list all the folks involved, so below is a complete cast and production list of each of the acts of Thrillpeddlers Holiday show --

Thrillpeddlers presents

Shocktoberfest 16: CURSE OF THE COBRA

16th Annual Extravaganza of Terror & Titillation

Oct. 7 - Nov. 21, 2015 (Wed., Thurs., Fri. & Sat. - 8:00 pm)

at The Hypnodrome in San Francisco

575 10th St. (at Bryant), San Francisco Info: 415-377-4202

Photos by

Video clip with Mr Blackwood

CRACKING THE VEIN - by Andy Wenger and Damien Chacona

Cast: John Flaw (Big John); Andy Wenger (Jasper); Damien Chacona (Eustice);

Bruna Palmiero (Permilia); Dee Nathanial (Ellie); Katrina Kroetch (Devka).

Directed by Russell Blackwood

DOWN AT THE DONNER PARTY DINER - A Song in Bad Taste by Scrumbly Koldewyn

Cast: John Flaw, J Iness, Katrina Kroetch, Carol Ann Walker, Birdie-Bob Watt,

Dee Nathaniel

Directed by Russell Blackwood

MODEL HOUSE Cast: David Bicha (Roy); Noah Haydon (Bess); Birdie-Bob Watt (Heidi); Owen Asdell (Rusty); J Iness (Mel/Doc); Katrina Kroetch(Laverne); Earl A. Pas (Vince); Andy Wenger (Jim); Carole Ann Walker (Dixie); Tommy Salami (Shawn); Bruna Palmiero (Velma);Cameron Eng (Chico); Dee Nathaniel (Pepper); Michael DiMartini (Mr. Terry).

Directed by Russell Blackwood


- A New Musical Fantasy Adventure by Scrumbly Koldewyn

Cast: Damien Chacona (Matt/Master); Earl A. Pas (Maile Tomatoa/Puppy), Bruna Palmiero (Maid/Priestess); John Flaw (Chief Priest);Noah Haydon (Cobra Woman);

David Bicha (Prince Cobra); Cobra Dancers & Chorus: Cameron Eng, Dee Nathaniel, Katrina Kroetch, Carol Ann Walker; Wolf Ritual Chorus: Owen Asdell, Birdie-Bob Watt, Michael Dimartini, J Iness

Directed by Noah Haydon

LIGHTS-OUT SPOOKSHOW FINALE - created by Nicholas Torre

Cast: Full Cast

Tech Credits for Shocktoberfest 16 include: Tina Sogliuzzo, Glenn Krumbholz & Birdie-Bob Watt – Costumes, James Blackwood – Scenic Designer, Mister Wa - Video Projections Designer, Nicholas Torre - Lighting Designer / Special Effects / Spookshow.

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