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I WANT THE The Cable Car Nymphomaniac ON MY RIDE

FOGG Theatre a newly founded theatre company here in the San Francisco Area, is devoted to producing Bay Area-based work for Bay Area audiences. The Cable Car Nymphomaniac, an original musical is their inaugural world premiere. Tony Asaro one of the co founders of FOGG wrote the music to this first adventure. The book written by Kristen Guenther is based on an actual true crazy story about Gloria Sykes a 23-year-old, who gets knocked on the head while on a SF Cable car and becomes sex crazed. It actually went to court and became a tabloid cover story case in the 70’s.

A jury ruled in her favor in the tabloid-famous case, and Muni paid her a half million dollars in damages, essentially for becoming a "ruined" woman. Rinabeth Apostol is cast as the tabloid women, Gloria - she has a great voice and great comic timing, she is on target with the song “Some Men”. But Gloria is for the most part is a subtext and narrative of the story. The neurotic lead of this story is Bryce (Courtney Merrell) the wife of Gloria’s attorney, Bruce (David Naughton). Merrell is talented in this role and belts out many of her songs “The Flaw” opens her first act storyline. Bryce is intrigued with Gloria's story since it's her favorite headline story.

Directed and Choreographed by Terry Berliner, he cast company co-founder, Carey McCray as the legal intern Esther, and she is very funny as a pothead. The story includes a camp cast of talented players - The talented Steve Ennis plays a number of roles including a rousing house wife, along with Hayley Lovgren gender bending fun performance. Local favorite Alex Rodriguez, plays a number of roles and as always he is classic, and a scene stealer. He has that great voice and schwag in the number “Fallen Angel”. Many of the songs deal with gender twists and women's pride. A show stopper is “A Women Shouldn’t Want” performed by McCray.

Music Director Christopher Hewitt assembled a talent music pit of musicians, and Jeff Rowlings set and lighting design provide a clever cable car that expands to meet the shows needs, including a space for some the characters to fill their needed pleasure and orgaziums. At just under two hours with no break - yes the show can be a bit long with some trimming needed, but the payoff is fun and the camp is so very San Francisco. The Cable Car Nymphomaniac remains at the Eureka stage through June 28th and this is will be a great add as you celebrate Pride 45 this month in the Bay Area. Congrats to FOGG THEATRE opening musical, and I hope to see many more.


Music & Lyrics by Tony Asaro Book by Kirsten Guenther Directed & Choreographed by Terry Berliner

Performances continue through June 28

** The performance on Sunday, June 28, will be at 7pm due to Gay Pride Festivities during the day.

The show runs 100 min without intermission.

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