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Contra Costa Civic Theatre production of The Addams Family-A New Musical Comedy opens their 2014 - 15 season. This was not a huge hit on Broadway - but Regional theatres will pack houses with this one. Fans of the TV show and comic strip will recall this story line is based on the pilot of the ABC show. Tosca Maltzman cast as Wednesday Addams steals the show - along with her cast headed by Mark J. Enea -

The company proves their talent with the opening number, “When You’re an Addams,” Wednesday, played by Tosca, is bringing a boy home and wants her family to be on their best behavior. Its a familiar tale but one that will make you smile

Midway through her first number, “Pulled,” Maltzman show-stopping voice brings the show to the speed it stays through the first and second act -

Also featuring: Ashley Adams, Trisha Ayllon, Tom Curtin, Molly Daniels, Mark Enea, Isabella Khoury, Greg Lynch, Sam Machado, Melody Perera, Daniel Quezada, Lewis Rawlinson, Jonah Rotenberg, Allison Meneley, Ron Pickett, CC Sheldon, and Sandi Weldon.

tickets at - through 10/19 pix by

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